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Any size, colour, printing, finishing, logo, etc. All features can be customized to fit your products perfectly and uniquely.


With our rich production experience and skillful employees, we know how to deliver packaging boxes of quality and beauty.


Donghong Paper Products has the experience and knowledge to make every cent count. Get a competitive supplier to support your business today!


With our developed quality-control system, Donghong Paper Products always delivers packaging boxes of quality. We know how important it is to your business.


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You are involved in the very beginning. We listen to you carefully. We value your ideas and feedback, based on which we adjust the course of design, testing, prototyping, mass production, and delivery.
In one word, you’re in complete control of your project.

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Every package which leaves our factory is fully tested and analyzed so it is easy for your customers to use and it is best for storing your product for longer periods of time without any changes to the product.

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Inquiry is the initial step of everything. It is the most important step from idea to realization. Tell us what you want as much and detailed as possible.



After collecting all your requirements, we start making the sample for your approval. We might make a mock-up sample for construction approval before making samples with full features.



This step means everything is double checked and prepared for the products. now workers start production which is under constant supervising by our engineers.

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By Mehmet Armande

Our main products are Rigid Boxes, Paper Tube Boxes(Round Boxes), Corrugated Paper Boxes, Folding Cartons,etc.

Do you have any inquiries concerning our different items and administrations? Then, at that point, call us or reach us by email – an individual from our administration group will reach out to you at the earliest opportunity!


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Dongguan Donghong Paper Products Co., Ltd. is a company that can be found in Changan town, Dongguan City, Guangdong, China. One of the nearest areas to it is Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong. Despite being a newly-established direct manufacturer in China, it has already established a lot of projects, partnerships, and a reputation which is the reason why it rose to success. As for the area of their workshop, it measures around 600 meters, big enough to cater to various machines and a workforce of 50-100 people.

When it comes to the equipment that they use to manufacture their products, they have invested in Taiwan-made machines. These include rotary machines, several label machines, silk screen machines, as well as die-cutting machines. The specialization that they market to the public is manufacturing all kinds of labels such as adhesive labels, epoxy labels, Lexan labels, RFID labels, metal labels, car stickers, and paper boxes. Of course, different kinds of boxes are included such as packaging boxes, color boxes, cardboard gift boxes, jewelry boxes, and. wooden boxes.

To make production, planning, and distribution possible, Dongguan Donghong Paper Products Co., Ltd. implements the strategic accomplishment of tasks by forming different teams. For example, they have their own sales team, design team, technical team, QC team, and package team. They also implement strict quality control procedures for each process. For extra reliability and credibility, all of the people who consist of each team have been proven to excel in what they do.

If there’s one essential factor that adds appeal and value to something, it would be the packaging. If books shouldn’t be judged by their cover, the same cannot be said when it comes to products and gifts. When it comes to marketing products or wrapping presents, the physical form will always matter. For example, have you ever had the urge to buy something that is wrapped in an unpleasant way? The same can be said for gifts, which is the reason why it is a must that paper bags, wrappers, and packaging is something one shouldn’t overlook.

Speaking of packaging, there is a wide market out there offering products and services, everything that has to do with packaging. However, it can be a challenge to figure out which offers quality products while being cost-effective at the same time. Fortunately, there is a company that is already rising to fame because of its excellent customer service and high-quality products. Whether you’re looking for a company that can provide your wants and preferences, or aiming high to find a partner company for your big plans, then Dongguan Donghong Paper Products Co., Ltd. might be the company for you.

While it isn’t easy to trust something that you’re unfamiliar with, you can always read about it because some risks are worth taking. If you’d like to know more about Dongguan Donghong Paper Products Co., Ltd., read on to get to know them better! From paper bags, and gift boxes, to rigid boxes, you can always count on them.

VALUES OF Dongguan Donghong Paper Products Co., Ltd.

Of course, each successful company has a set of values that they live by and instill in their employees. For a thriving company such as Dongguan Donghong Paper Products Co., Ltd., these values are what sets them apart from its competitors, and what has earned them various partnerships and customer loyalty. Although there are many good things that they believe in, here are five of their most important values.


Whether the business had just started or is already at its peak, Dongguan Donghong Paper Products Co., Ltd. takes pride in its responsiveness and ability to communicate well. After all, a one-time-big-time purchase or partnership doesn’t equate to success; it is in one’s consistency that they rise up to being a leading company.


As mentioned earlier, many manufacturers and companies offer the products that you may be looking for, but Dongguan Donghong Paper Products Co., Ltd. offers it at a cost-efficient price which you can use to your advantage when starting your own business or simply buying products for your personal use. This is one of the values that they take pride in because this reflects their consideration for their consumers’ budget.


While it is a common notion that the quality of a product is equivalent to the price you pay, Dongguan Donghong Paper Products Co., Ltd. proves otherwise. With a wide array of products that they offer, they ensure that every single one of them has a high-quality product that customers can use for a long time. It may be a strategy for some to manufacture products that have to be replaced from time to time, but Dongguan Donghong Paper Products Co., Ltd. is committed to giving the public the best that they can offer.


Time is gold, and Dongguan Donghong Paper Products Co., Ltd. knows this out of all companies out there. Because they strive to make their business grow and expand globally, they are committed to delivering products as expected, or even earlier than planned. Time is essential especially when it comes to business, and this is the reason why one of their values is punctual delivery.


In the world of business, professionalism is a rare trait. One of the factors that make Dongguan Donghong Paper Products Co., Ltd. a competitive company is its professionalism. From inquiries to transparency and even timeliness, this is a company that is true to its words. This is also the reason why they are able to build various partnerships with other successful corporations.

FEEDBACK ON Dongguan Donghong Paper Products Co., Ltd.

To establish credibility and build trust among those unfamiliar with the company, reading feedback from former or present employees and clients is a great way to do it. At present, all their reviews reflect a 5/5 rating when it comes to the quality of service. They also have an outdated report of 220,000 transactions meaning that today, it had already increased. Despite being founded in 2011, it is already a leading market in places such as North America, Eastern Asia, and Western Europe.

While these are already great feats, Dongguan Donghong Paper Products Co., Ltd. plans to do more and expand wider in the following years to come. After all, they haven’t been around for long. There are many areas of improvement and a lot of potential they still have to unleash. As for their workforce, you can expect that they would employ more in the coming years to come! When it comes to business and serving the public, this is certainly a company that is worth trusting and taking the risk for.

Dongguan Donghong Paper Products Co., Ltd. PRODUCTS

Out of the many products that Dongguan Donghong Paper Products Co., Ltd. offers, here are a few products that are most in demand. Getting to know these products can help you pinpoint what products you are looking for as well as introduce you to other products that you aren’t aware of.

PAPER BAGS. Fancy paper bags, plain paper bags, recyclable paper bags, you name it! Because of the wide variety of paper bags that they offer, you can personalize every order and transaction you make with Dongguan Donghong Paper Products Co., Ltd.. A lot of business owners and stores avail paper bags from this company because it is a one-stop shop. If you’re looking for customized or labeled paper bags, this company is the perfect choice to make.

GIFT BOXES. At the beginning of the article, we talked about how a gift’s physical appearance plays a role in its appeal to the eye. Other than that, how you present a product or gift can induce feelings of satisfaction or happiness in the recipient. Dongguan Donghong Paper Products Co., Ltd. products offers gift boxes such as custom boxes, eco-friendly boxes, recyclable boxes, and even cute boxes which are perfect for baked goodies and other deliverables. Aside from that, they also offer personalized and customizable boxes which suit our preferences and taste.

RIGID BOXES. Aren’t gift boxes and rigid boxes the same? No, not really. What makes them different from each other is that rigid boxes are boxes that can be assembled, those that are easily folded and sometimes comes at a cheaper price compared to gift boxes. However, this depends on the kind of rigid box of course! Some of the different kinds that they offer are luxury print ones, magnetic ones, and high-quality or hard cardboard ones.

  • Stickers
  • Labels
  • Greeting or cardboard cards


All in all, Dongguan Donghong Paper Products Co., Ltd. is a company that not only exists to make a profit but to serve the public as well. Despite being new in business, they are consistent and dedicated in the things they do. With their carefully crafted designs and strategic way of planning and accomplishing things, every piece that is ordered is surely a high-quality one.

After reading this article and getting to know the company, you probably have a thought or two on what you plan to do next. If you have any questions, especially concerning their company, don’t hesitate to reach out to them! Remember that one of their values is being responsive and practicing good communication, so there’s no reason to expect the worst.